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January 16, 2021
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Upcoming Events
Stewards Council Meeting
Jan 19, 2021
Teamster Local 142 1300 Clark Road Gary, Indiana
Canceled Stewards Seminar
Jan 31, 2021
Teamster Local 142 Hall 1300 Clark Road Gary,Indiana 46404
General Membership Meeting
Feb 03, 2021
Teamster Local 142 Hall 1300 Clark Road Gary, Indiana
Construction Division Meeting
Feb 10, 2021
Teamster Local 142 1300 Clark Road Gary, Indiana 46404
Stewards Council Meeting
Feb 16, 2021
Teamster Local 142 1300 Clark Road Gary, Indiana
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Officers & Staff
Richard W. Knipp


(219)949-1550 ext. 313

Richard Knipp has been a Teamster Local 142 member since 1980. He has served as Union Steward for over 14 years.  He was a Business Agent and Arbitrator for over 12 years and has held the officer position of Secretary-Treasurer for Five terms. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Pension, Health & Welfare, Apprenticeship & Training and Annuity Funds.He has received the General Secretary-Treasurer's Trustee Leadership Circle Award four times. He has attended multiple educational conferences. He attended the 1996 convention as a Alternate Delegate and also attended the 2006 and 2016 convention as a Delegate. Richard is also a Joint Council 25 Delegate.              H Circle

Ted F. Bilski


(219)949-1550 ext.307

Ted has been a Teamster Local 142 member since 1990. Currently is one of the business agents in the construction division.  He also holds the position of Trustee for the Teamster Local 142 Pension, Retiree Health and Welfare, Annuity, and the Training and Apprenticeship Funds.. Previously was Construction Union Steward and then the certified trainer for Local 142's Training Fund and was the Director of Municipal for 6 years. Currently in his third term as the 6th District Lake County Councilman. Ted is a veteran of the United States Army and a member of American Legion Post 54.  

Vice President
Harvey Jackson


(219)949-1550 ext. 309

Harvey Jackson has been Teamster Local 142 member for since 1991. He currently is the business agent handling a variety of industries that include Manufactering,  Trucking, Warehousing, Bakery, Dairy, Brewery and, Scrap Yards. Harvey also serves as a Trustee for the Teamster Local 142 Pension, Retiree Health and Welfare, Annuity, and the Training and Apprenticeship Funds. With 12 years experience as a steward in trucking industry; he has also served as a volunteer organizer and has 19 years’ experience in organizing. Harvey has been a delegate to the Northwest Indiana Area Federation of Labor, representing Teamster Local 142 and bringing back updates on labor issues that affect Northwest Indiana and Teamster Local 142.

Recording Secretary
Star Crider


219-949-1550 Ext 303

Star has been a Teamster member for 20 years.  Star has worked in the Dues office for the past 17 years and with the Pension Fund for 3 years.  She has knowledge of Union office procedures including internal audits, bookkeeping, member updates and currently working on the Titan System. Star volunteers for the steward council and numerous functions with the Local including Annual Golf Outing and Indiana Beach, Right to Work Rallies and many other activities that the Local and Steward Council sponsors for Local 142 members and their families.  Star is a current Joint Council 25 Delegate. Star has also attended numerous educational conferences.

Matt Tchoukaleff


(219)949-1550 ext.308

Matt Tchoukaleff has been a member for 16 years, Pepsi Steward 10 years and volunteered to serve as Treasurer of Stewards Council 9 years. Volunteered his time together to start various fundraisers to help the Stewards Council become more self-sufficient, including, White Sox bus trip, Golf Outing, Multiple 50/50 raffles, Indiana Beach. Was involved in 2 successful negotiations with Pepsi, recently to keep Pepsi in our pension fund.  Matt is a Veteran of the US Army, Airborne Rangers. Matt also does volunteer work outside of the Teamsters Local 142.

Jeff Gideon


219-949-1550 ext.302

Jeff Gideon has been a member for 10 years in the Construction Division. Volunteered  to be stewards council vice chairman, Jeff has also volunteered for Christmas basket set up & delivery, helped lobbing in Indianapolis fighting for unemployment benefits & against “right to work”, mowing & mulching on the hall property, painting, snow removal, cleaning and remodeling of building and clean up after tornado, 4th of July & Labor Day parades - float building, participation in the parade, donated trailer that used in this year’s Labor Day parade).Jeff was also one of the members that went  to Champaign-Urbana Illinois to visit Reps when they walked out fighting Right to Work and thanked them for supporting the working person, he also went to a rally keep Right to Work out of Illinois. Jeff also does volunteer work outside of the Teamsters Local 142: Vice president of FFA, former member Hebron 4H, member Hebron Lions Club for almost 20 years, former Volunteer Fire Fighter Hebron Fire Department 7 years’ service, former member Hebron Jaycee 6 years.

Tony Hauprich



Tony Hauprich has been a Teamster for 25 years. Tony currently works for the Hammond Water Department, he has been the Steward for last 7 years.  He helped negotiate the last two contracts for the Hammond Water Department Tony is the President of the Hammond Redevelopment Commission. He also is an elected Precinct Committeeman, and Captain 5th District Hammond. Tony volunteers as a member of various Democratic Clubs and organizations. Tony is dedicated to Teamster Local 142 and will continue to fight against Right to Work or any other unfair labor attacks on our union. He will keep a close watch on union business, spending and keep you’re hard working dollars to benefit the best interest of the union that he truly believes in and supports.

Business Agent
Mike Toth


219-949-1550 ext.312

Mike has been a member of Teamsters Local 142 since 1995.  He has been a Union Steward in the Ready-Mix Industry and the Construction Division for most of his career. He has experience working under the National Maintenance Agreement, National Pipeline Agreement, the Four County Highway Group Agreement, the Northwest Indiana Contractor’s Association Agreement and various Ready-Mix Agreements. He has been on several negotiating committees, he has attended the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Building Materials, Construction and Pipeline Annual Educational Conference and has served as an officer on Local 142’s Stewards Council. He has Been active in multiple Union Events and Organizing Campaigns for the Teamsters over the years of being a Local 142 member. Mike has always went out of his way to help his Union Brothers & Sisters.

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