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Harvey Jackson


Since 1991, Harvey Jackson has been a dedicated member of our union, fighting tirelessly for the rights and well-being of our members.

Harvey's commitment to our union is unquestionable. Over the years, he has served on the Executive Board in various roles, including President, Vice-President, and Recording Secretary. His experience and leadership have been invaluable in shaping our union's direction and ensuring our voices are heard.

As Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Pension, Health & Welfare, Annuity, and Apprenticeship & Training Funds, Harvey has demonstrated his ability to manage crucial aspects of our fund's financial well-being. Under his guidance, these funds have thrived, providing increased benefits and opportunities for our members.

Recognizing his outstanding contributions, Harvey was honored with the prestigious Service to Labor Award from the Northwest Indiana Federation of Labor. This recognition highlights his dedication and unwavering commitment to the labor movement.

Harvey's involvement in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) has been extensive. He attended the IBT Convention and Mini-Convention as an Alternate Delegate in 2001 and 2002, respectively. In subsequent years, Harvey served as a Delegate, including the 2021 Convention. Additionally, he was appointed to the Organizing Committee, further showcasing his expertise and passion for expanding the influence and reach of our union.

Furthermore, Harvey has been an active participant in the Northern Indiana Area Federation of Labor, serving as both a Delegate and Treasurer. His involvement at this level demonstrates his dedication to labor solidarity and collaboration with other unions to advance the rights and interests of working people.

Harvey's commitment to personal growth and education is evident through his completion of the Indiana University School of Labor Studies Certificate Program. Additionally, he has attended conferences and classes on various topics critical to our union, including Organizing, Parliamentary Procedure for Union Members, Labor Contract Costing, and Picketing for Power. This diverse knowledge base allows him to make informed decisions and advocate effectively on our behalf.

(219)949-1550 ext. 309
Mike Toth

With an unwavering commitment to the cause since 1995 and Business Agent for the Construction Division, Mike has proven himself as a trusted and experienced union member who has tirelessly served our community.

As an Officer of the Executive Board, Mike has been an exemplary Trustee, demonstrating his dedication to transparency and accountability. His passion for the union's values has earned him recognition and trust among his peers.

In October 2023, Mike was appointed as an IBT Central Region Construction Representative, showcasing his ability to lead and represent our union at a regional level. Additionally, Mike was appointed to the National Pipeline Agreement negotiating committee. Almost unanimously, Mike and his team achieved an industry best for all members of the National Pipeline under this new agreement.

Mike's invaluable experience extends to his role as a Trustee for the Pension, Health & Welfare, Apprenticeship & Training, and Annuity Funds. His expertise in these areas ensures that our members' benefits and future are in safe hands.

Serving as an Officer of the NWI Building Trades, Mike has actively participated in the growth and development of our union. His experience as a Union Steward in the Ready-Mix Industry and Construction Division, working under various contracts, has given him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our members in these sectors.

Mike's commitment to continuous learning is evident through his attendance at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Building Materials, Construction, and Pipeline Annual Educational Conferences. By staying informed and updated, he brings fresh ideas and perspectives to the table.

Furthermore, Mike has served as an officer on Local 142's Stewards Council, where he showcased his leadership skills and dedication to advocating for the rights and well-being of our members.
Over the years, Mike has actively participated in multiple Union Events and Organizing Campaigns, demonstrating his unwavering support for the Teamsters and his dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of our members.

219-949-1550 ext. 312
Vice President
Jeff Gideon

Dedicated Member since 2004. Jeff Gideon as Vice-President, is a true champion of our Union and has taken on the role with passion and unwavering commitment. Jeff has consistently demonstrated his dedication to the betterment of our members and the community. Jeff also serves as a Trustee of our Pension, Health & Welfare, Apprenticeship & Training, and Annuity Funds are managed effectively and in the best interest of our members.

Jeff's involvement extends beyond the executive board. He has been an officer on Local 142's Stewards Council, advocating for the rights and well-being of our members. He has also taken an active role in volunteering for various projects around the hall, showing his commitment to creating a thriving community within our union.

Not only has Jeff dedicated his time to union-related activities, but he has also made a significant impact beyond our Local 142. He has been an advocate for working families, fighting for unemployment benefits and against ‘Right to Work’ policies in Indianapolis. Additionally, Jeff selflessly volunteered for the setup and delivery of Christmas baskets, spreading joy and support during the holiday season.

Outside of Local 142, Jeff has a dedication to making a difference. In the past, he has served as the Vice President of FFA, Hebron 4H, and the Hebron Lions Club for almost 20 years, showcasing his commitment to community service. As a Volunteer Firefighter for the Hebron Fire Department and a member of the Hebron Jaycees, Jeff has proven himself as a reliable and dedicated individual, always ready to lend a helping hand.

(219)949-1550 ext. 302
Recording Secretary
Star Crider
Since 2000, Star Crider has been an unwavering and dedicated member of our union. Star currently serves as Recording Secretary on the Executive Board, bringing her expertise and commitment to the table.
Office Manager/Bookkeeper: With over 18 years of experience as an Office Manager and Bookkeeper, Star possesses a deep understanding of union office procedures. Her extensive knowledge includes internal audits, bookkeeping, and proficiency in the current Titan Software.
Dues Office Expertise: For the past 14 years, Star has diligently worked in the Dues Office, ensuring accurate and efficient processing. Her familiarity with union office procedures is unparalleled.
Active Volunteer: Star goes above and beyond by actively participating in various union events and initiatives. She has volunteered for the Steward Council, as well as organized and contributed to events like the Golf Outing, Indiana Beach trips, and Right to Work Rallies.
Commitment to Growth: Star's dedication to continuous improvement is evident through her attendance at Unity Conferences. She actively participated in sessions related to current I.B.T. office procedures, computer advancements, and Titan Software updates in 2008, 2015, and 2017.

219-949-1550 ext. 303
Matt Tchoukaleff

Matt Tchoukaleff has been a member for 16 years. Matt is also a steward for Pepsi and volunteered to serve as Treasurer of Stewards Council 9 years. Volunteered his time together to start various fundraisers to help the Stewards Council become more self-sufficient, including, White Sox bus trip, Golf Outing, Multiple 50/50 raffles, Indiana Beach. Was involved in 2 successful negotiations with Pepsi recently to keep Pepsi in our pension fund.  Matt is a Veteran of the US Army, Airborne Rangers. Matt also does volunteer work outside the Teamsters Local 142.

219-949-1550 ext. 308
Tony Hauprich

Tony Hauprich has been a dedicated member since 1989. Tony has served as an Officer of the Executive Board, holding the crucial position of Trustee and is a well-respected Business of the Municipal Division.
Tony has been an active participant at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Conventions. He served as an Alternate Delegate in 2016 and as a Delegate in 2021. These experiences have provided him with valuable insights into the broader labor movement and equipped him with the knowledge to effectively represent our union's interests.
Tony was the steward for the Hammond Water Department. His hands-on experience in this vital role has given him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our members. With a strong commitment to our union, He understands the needs and concerns of our hardworking members, and his experience reflects his unwavering dedication to our cause, which has allowed him to settle hundreds of grievances in the members' favor and negotiate contracts that have had tremendous gains for the members. His leadership skills and extensive knowledge of union operations and a proven track record of advocating for our members' rights and ensuring their voices are heard.
Tony has shown a strong commitment to our community and our union. He has dedicated his time and efforts to various projects around the hall, making a positive impact on our organization and its members. Tony's passion for service and organizing has earned him the respect and trust of his fellow members.
Tony is deeply involved in our local community. He has worked tirelessly on various events for the Stewards Council, including the setup and delivery of Christmas baskets. His commitment extends beyond our union, as he has been elected Precinct Captain and Committeeman for Hammond's 5th District. Additionally, Tony serves as the President of the Hammond Redevelopment Commission, demonstrating his dedication to the growth and prosperity of our city.
Tony is an active member of the Hessville and Roosevelt Democratic Clubs, where he continues to contribute to the advancement of democratic ideals. He is also a dedicated parishioner of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Highland, Indiana, where he finds strength and inspiration in his faith.

219-949-1550 ext. 306
Ted Mavity

Ted Mavity was appointed a Business Agent for the Construction Division and is a lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana. He worked his way through college driving an ice truck and a partial football scholarship, eventually earning a B.S. in History from St. Josephs College in Rensselaer, Indiana. He was initiated into Teamsters Local 142 in 1987. Ted then went on to work in the ready-mix business, driving a truck and running a ready-mix plant. Ted then went to work as a police officer where he started as a patrolman, was promoted to Sergeant, and worked as an investigator. He was part of a team that negotiated the first ever labor contract between the Lake County FOP, Lake County Police Association and the Lake County Council. Ted came back to work in construction driving a dump truck on his days off from the police department. After retiring with 20 years of service from the Lake County Police Department, he went to work full time in construction, working on various projects including the rebuilding of the 1-65 80/94 interchange, BP Whiting Refinery Modernization Project, Enbridge Terminal Project, Lake Central High School Project and widening of I 65 between Merrillville and Lowell. He has also worked in all the region's steel mills. Ted was on the most recent negotiating committee with the Northwest Indiana Contractors Association.

219-949-1550 ext. 307

Teamsters Local Union No. 142
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